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Our projects are designed to create a safespace for youth to learn through their comfort zones by utilizing a STEAM based approach.  Each project allows them to acknowledge the interdisciplinary style of learning through various modalities.  Such as, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math.  Through connecting points of the STEAM network, each student can showcase their level of understanding with a level of consistency, enthusiasm, excellence, and learning. 

Community Gardening

Our aim is to make each project affordable for all participants.  In order to bring this to life, we rely on our "Project Makers" to be led and give with a generous heart to an amazing cause.

Our volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our participants.  If you would like to become a "Project Connector" sign-up today!

Our mission is to serve communities by promoting sustainable living, therapeutic education tools, and to mobilize a global community to be healthy & whole. 

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