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Why we build. . .

Within every community around the globe there's always something in common with the next village---and that's love, compassion, life, & purpose. Though it may not look like you would view it in your backyard, trust me it's visibly there. Whether their village maker or neighbor needs an egg to bake a cake, sugar to sweeten their coffee, or a hose to water their farm, their livelihoods sustain because of their understanding.

At ONE Wellness Project, we get this way of life, we actually call it the "simple life!" Being simple within our beautiful community allows us the opportunity to fulfill the purpose of others. We receive invitations to create work in underserved areas therefore leading to the higher calling od true servanthood. We believe that within one community, there's always more community that needs to be built. We have established several different projects to assist with this mission.

How can you become a builder?

Our community builders are called "Project Makers." They simply make the project what it is supposed to be.

How can you give back?

Our community givers are called, "Project Connectors." They simply give back with in-kind or financial donations.


You can checkout our website for more details on our ongoing projects and find out about our upcoming ones.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to our website:

  2. Search for the "GET INVOLVED" tab

  3. Click on the "GET INVOLVED" tab

  4. Click each link to learn more

  5. Select your option of becoming a "Project Maker" and/or "Project Connector"

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